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Trips are generally the 3rd weekend of the month. Next Trip is;

Club Newsletter

As a Member of the Lismore Gem & Lapidary Club you will receive a monthly copy of the Clubs Newsletter. An exsample of the Newsletter can be found here 


  • Committee Meeting the first Monday of the month
  • General Meeting every 3 months 
  • Lismore Gem & Lapidary AGM August
  • 2019 Club AGM Minutes

Guidelines and Rules

Mandatory Dress requirements.

No loose clothing to catch in machinery.
Enclosed shoes must be worn (no thongs, open sandals,or bare feet).
Long hair must be tied back, or enclosed in a net/cap to prevent catching in machinery.
Eye protection must be worn when using grinders, sanders, polishers, saws, or when working with hot metal.

Guidelines for juniors in the workshop.

Juniors are considered under the age of 16 years old:-

A parent, or responsible adult with written authorisation from a parent must be present in the clubrooms, but is not required to be a member of the club.

Under 12 years old:-

  1. A parent, or responsible adult with written authorisation from a parent, must be present, must directly supervise the junior at all times and must be a member of the club.
  2. Any use of machinery will be subject to the junior demonstrating to club instructors that they are capable of doing so safely and the supervising adult maintaining that safe practice.
  3. Juniors under 12 do not have any cover from personal accident insurance.

General Club Rules.

  1. Every time you attend, you MUST sign the attendance book for insurance purposes. The book also is used to record your workshop fees and any other purchases.
  2. This is a club, not a business – all members are expected to help keep the place clean – in particular you should clean up any mess that you make when using the club equipment. This is your club
  3. NO garbage collection – Minimise the amount of rubbish that you leave. If you can occasionally take away a bag for disposal if you have some space in your home bin.
  4. Workshop fees are currently $3 if using any club equipment, or $2 if you are only using your own tools. This fee includes tea, or coffee and biscuits – if you are only attending socially 50 cents
  5. Soft drinks are usually available in the fridge for a $1 – just put your cash in the money box and mark it in the attendance book.
  6. The club is for hobbyists – NO producing large quantities of material for commercial purposes. If anyone is found to be making excessive use of any piece of equipment and preventing others from having a fair opportunity, they may have a time limit imposed.
  7. The annual fees and workshop fees that we charge do not cover the operating cost of the club.

We rely on our very successful annual GEMFEST to heavily subsidise. For this reason we need all members to put in an effort before, during and after the event – there is a lot of work to be done and the further it is spread, the easier it is for all.


when is the club open ?

The Club is open 3 days a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Click here for times

where is the club located ?

The Club is located at the Lismore Showgrounds, North Lismore. Click here for Map

Do you do field trips ?

Yes, Field Trips are held Monthly, from day trips to long weekends away, Next Trips 

Can my children join ?

Yes, We have a Junior Rockhound Club the first Saturday of the month. Find out more.


No, Not to Visit. But we do have a small membership fee and workshop fee. Find out more.

Do members sell what they make ?

Yes. The Lismore Gem & Lapidary Club holds sales tables at the Lismore Northcoast National and Lismore Gemfest