Lismore Gem and Lapidary Club

Tyalgum Field Trip Feb 24th 2019.

21 hardy fossickers met at the club Sunday morning 24th February.

The object was to fossick the Oxley River near Tyalgum in search of chalcedony, banded agate, jasper as well as other assorted rocks. 7:30 was the take off time from the club and a convoy of vehicles was soon on its way.

The outward journey was scenic through Nimbin, Uki and then towards Tyalgum. We managed to avoid the rain with cloud cover making fossicking more pleasurable on the day.

The first spot, a site off Old Lismore Rd proved rather moist, the gravels were covered near the confluence of the Oxley and Tweed rivers by high tide! Not to be discouraged, the convoy moved on, three more spots to go yet.

At the Oxley River bridge was a pleasant park with easy access to the river. Within minutes all
were down and specking. All began to find treasures of the earth. After a couple of hours morning tea was had with a good social atmosphere prevalent.

Time to move on to the next spot, a park with flush toilets next to the river in Tyalgum. Many elected to have lunch before fossicking, while some elected to go straight down to the river bed. Some found the coffee shop at Tyalgum to have a very nice cup. Once again the finds came jumping out of the ground, with Val picking up a large piece of chalcedony that the others had blithely walked over in their hurry to get down the track to the gravels. 

Again all were greeted with success and around 2pm it was time to check out the next spot, just out of town and further up the river. At this stage some of the fossickers elected to return home. For those who continued on once again the gravels gave up their treasures. It was a good day!
A good day had by all and thanks for supporting the field trips, as they are for you!

Thanks Ivan & Kerry for the reports and photos.