Lismore Gem and Lapidary Club

Fossicking is fun. However there are some rules applying
to this hobby, and these are different in each state.
For NSW the best information will be found online if you
search for A guide to fossicking in NSW put out by the NSW
Government, Industry and Investment.
For fossicking in our local state forests, such as Ewingar
and Tooloom, you need a permit, available at maps are also available
on this website.
Fossicking is
allowed in most NSW State forests with a permit.
You can apply for a 12-month state-wide permit from
Forestry Corporation online for $27.50 including GST.
This allows small-scale fossicking for recreational,
tourism or educational purposes in State forests.
A single permit may cover a family group with a
maximum of 5 people covered by a permit (2 adults and
3 children under 18 years of age).
If you are fossicking in a group or club, each member/
family group must hold a permit. Alternatively, clubs may
apply through the Forest Permit – organised activities
system for a permit to cover single events.